Archive | April 18, 2013

My Second Attempt to Make Amigurumi

Good morning!

It has been a long time since I was silently reading forums about little cute crochet things. I was always afraid to try because it seemed so difficult and time consuming. Small details scared me too. How can I crochet tiny things with these huge fingers?? I couldn’t understand. Until one day I said to myself: that’s it, enough to sit and just stare, do it!

So there I was, making my first Amigurumi owl (thank you for the pattern Sarah!). It was a very simple pattern, but I still didn’t trust in myself and used yarn leftovers. You know, just in case I will ruin it. Guess what? I didn’t ruin it, though will never ever use leftovers unless I’m sure that it will be enough. My owl turned out to have two different wings as I didn’t have the same color anymore and the thickness of the yarn was different too. Oh my!


It didn’t stop me. Next day I found a pattern of a very cute bunny here: Cute Little Bunny. I decided to try. The process was rather difficult because I couldn’t understand how to crochet its body and legs. I tried a hundred times and it didn’t work out. I got very upset and irritated. The head and a cap with sweet little ears were so beautiful. I didn’t want to stop. Then I tried to find another bunny or a video with instructions. I wasn’t that lucky. Finally, I ended up making a body differently than it says in the pattern. I think it turned out quite fine. When I was done with it I borrowed a pattern of bunny legs from a different bunny to fit mine (sadly I didn’t save the link or anything and can’t thank you for them, but if you are coincidentally reading it: THANK YOU VERY MUCH, YOU SAVED MY BUNNY’S LIFE!). So here it is my little bunny with some strangers legs (I think it turned out even better than I expected it to be):