Archive | May 5, 2013

Strawberry Hat


Before writing about the strawberry hat I would like to greet all Moms because it is Mothers day today in my birth country Lithuania. Moms, be strong and patient, be loved and cared about. We love you all and are thankful for all you have given us!

Some time ago I was asked to make a strawberry hat for an almost one year old girl Leia. By the time I received this task Sarah had  just made one and posted on her blog Repeat Crafter Me. She shared a pattern as well. You can imagine that I was more than happy about this. I worked hard to make this little strawberry hat for that lovely girly. I also found out that I need to get some thicker or bulkier yarn as I used a pattern for an adult hat (and I still think it might be too small!). Nevertheless, soon they will visit us and Leia will be able to try it on and we will see if it fits her head. 

For now, check it out! I chose to make the seeds in black so they don’t stand out. The bottom edge is also a bit curvy: I used the Crab stitch. 

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