A Little Basket


Some time ago I wanted to make coasters. I made one but didn’t like the edges; they weren’t totally round but with corners. I put it aside because I didn’t want to continue until I figured out how to make it perfectly round. Then I got the idea that I could make a sock for my water bottle. I started the coaster remake. After I did few lines I tried it on the bottle…and it was way too big. I hate to disassemble crochet or knitting projects. I really do. Therefore I continued and thought that it didn’t matter how it would end. It will be a surprise. So until yesterday I had no idea what I was making. And a little basket was born (height 8 cm, width 11 cm).

New folder


Sadly I have no idea what to keep in it. Any ideas? 



7 thoughts on “A Little Basket

  1. other coasters or water bottle cozies you crochet, a wound ball holder for the next project, small stuff-crochet hooks and needles or pins and stuff you’d like to keep handy. If nothing suits it, gift it to a friend who needs/desires organizational assistance. Enjoy, its a great creation.

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