Dragon’s Loyalty Award

After I woke up this morning and logged in to check if something new happened in my blog the last thing on my mind was to be nominated for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award. It was a huge surprise for me especially when my blog is just a little newborn. I am more than proud of myself, my little blog and my man who supports my blogging idea and all the crafty mess on our dining table or any other corner of our home. Our dog is probably the only one who is not very happy that “Mommy” is sitting and crocheting or knitting instead of playing with her. 😀 Nevertheless, thank you for this nomination to Misadventures in Craft. Be sure to go and check her blog! She shares many great things: crochet, sowing projects, cooking etc. I bet you will find something useful in there.

I tried to find out what this award is, I mean its history. But there are too many great blogs who got it, hence it was hard to get back to the first point where it was founded. I think this award should go to bloggers who love blogging, are full of crazy crafty ideas, are inspired and inspire others. I am over the moon to be the lucky one who’ve been nominated, but I am especially happy about giving it to someone else – I know that they more than deserve it! They inspire me all the way through my blogging, and teach me great new things. Thank you!

In keeping with the tradition of this award, we have to:

• Display the award certificate in this post.

• Announce the win and link back to the person who nominated you.

• Present the award to another 15 nominees who will be notified in their main pages about their nominations.

• Post seven interesting things about your blog.

Here are the 15 blogs who keep me going:

1. I Love Buttons by Emma

2. Repeat Crafter Me

3. Willewopsie

4. Howling at the Moon

5. Titi Crafty

6. Simply Dream & Create

7. By Hook or by Crook

8. Haekelmonster

9. Lulu Loves

10. Love 2 Bloom

11. Easy Makes Me Happy

12. Pickles

13. TeenyWeenyDesign

14. Knit the Hell Out

15. Crochet Cricket

Be sure to check them out. They do a great job!

7 Things About My Blog

1. I don’t remember how many times I started a blog and I left it behind. This blog is going to stay!

2. It’s (or one day it will be) full of ideas for crocheting and knitting, and other crafty stuff.

3. It shows my learning process, my new findings and inspirations. It grows with me.

4. It makes me focused on my projects and teaches me to finish what I’ve already started.

5.  This blog is a proof that we can do more and everything is learn-able.

6. It connects me with different people. 

7. Everything made in this blog is made with love and passion for handmade things.


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