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“Granny Square” Style Cowl

Every time someone’s birthday is around I start thinking of a nice present which would be not only beautiful but also useful. Therefore, when my good friend’s birthday was close, I was looking for a special present. Of course, as I love to make things by myself, it also had to be something handmade. On that note, I was looking for inspiration when I found the post “Colourful Cowl with Pattern”. Thank you, Betsy, for a great idea! It was really helpful, even though I didn’t make it exactly by your description.

New folder1

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I made it a few lines narrower and used single crochet for the edges. I used acrylic (80%) and wool (20%) yarn. I don’t think she will  get cold this year though as when you put it a few times around your neck it gets really warm and comfy. I’m even thinking of making one for myself if I’ve enough time for it. I’m not sure about other countries but In Lithuania we have a saying “A shoemaker without shoes, a tailor without pants”. So here I am, without anything for myself or my family. 😀

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Wooden Magnets

It took me some time to figure out what should I give as thank you gifts to my guests. I wanted it to be a long time memory, which they could save and not only eat or use only once. One day, I accidentally found the wonderful Facebook page: Handmade Wooden Joy. They make great wooden magnets with your pictures. You can even get a box of matches with a funny picture. I really love them. The sad thing was that we are already over our wedding budget, hence I couldn’t order the magnets with our picture. On the other hand, it gave me an opportunity to be more creative and try to do it by myself.

I started searching Pinterest on how to make a wooden magnet or basically, how to transfer a photo on wood. Of course, I was lucky. I found this great site with a tutorial on how to do what I wanted. Thank you, Jamie from The Creative Imperative! You did a great job and you helped me a lot. 

I asked my dad to cut small squares for my future magnets. Then I worked a bit with a sand paper to make the edges smooth. I chose the pictures of us and made them B&W. Then, I re-sized them and cut out. Afterwards, I followed Jamie’s instructions, except painting. I also covered my magnets with modge podge twice only because I wanted to be sure that nothing gets wrong or they stay nice for a really long time. The final touch was gluing the magnets on on the other side. Here is the result:



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Wooden Place Cards


Today I finally found some time to take pictures of our wooden place cards, which we made a few weeks ago. If you are going to have a country wedding, you can definitely use this idea. You will need:

– a beautiful wood logs cut into thin coasters (birch tree would be very nice, I just love the bark of that tree)

Stalo kortelės

– a tool for wood burning

– carbon paper (I would strongly recommend using the black instead of the blue, as the latter overflows while burning)

– a pencil

– a printed guest list (remember to choose a matching font)

Stalo kortelės1

Step 1:

Cut out all the names.

Step 2:

Cut a small piece of carbon paper.

Step 3:

Put a carbon paper on a coaster. Be sure that you use the right side (I did that mistake a few times).

Step 4:

Put a cut out name on top.

Step 5:

Take a pencil and rewrite the name following your print out version. (See the picture)

Step 6:

Take the papers off and burn the names on the wood, following the trace.

Step 7:

Enjoy your good work! 🙂

Stalo kortelės2

It can be really tiresome, if you are going to have a 100 or more guests. I’m having only a bit over 30, and it still was a big job to do. Nevertheless, it is really worth your time.

Stalo kortelės3

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Lollipop Stand


I know, it’s been a while since I posted something new. It seems that preparing for the wedding takes lots of energy and time, especially when you are a bride, a wedding planner, and a crafting lady all in one. I still have a few things left, and the worst part is that I have only 4 days for making them. I do hope that I will manage to be done and then have a few days for only relaxation with my hubby to be. 

Today’s post is a very simple idea how to serve lollipops on your sweet table. You just need a tree plank, a log or anything you like, a drill and, of course, lollipops. 

First thing you do is drilling holes in your wood. You can do it as you want: make it randomly or be more creative and try to form shapes or writings, which you can see from top of your art. 


We did try to create an interesting pattern but it can’t be seen very clearly. Nevertheless, try and you will do it even better!

When you are done, we suggest to polish it a bit with a sand paper and then put your lollipops in. Here is how our art looks like.



*** Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

We are going to make one more. That one is going to be used for cake pops.