Wooden Magnets

It took me some time to figure out what should I give as thank you gifts to my guests. I wanted it to be a long time memory, which they could save and not only eat or use only once. One day, I accidentally found the wonderful Facebook page: Handmade Wooden Joy. They make great wooden magnets with your pictures. You can even get a box of matches with a funny picture. I really love them. The sad thing was that we are already over our wedding budget, hence I couldn’t order the magnets with our picture. On the other hand, it gave me an opportunity to be more creative and try to do it by myself.

I started searching Pinterest on how to make a wooden magnet or basically, how to transfer a photo on wood. Of course, I was lucky. I found this great site with a tutorial on how to do what I wanted. Thank you, Jamie from The Creative Imperative! You did a great job and you helped me a lot. 

I asked my dad to cut small squares for my future magnets. Then I worked a bit with a sand paper to make the edges smooth. I chose the pictures of us and made them B&W. Then, I re-sized them and cut out. Afterwards, I followed Jamie’s instructions, except painting. I also covered my magnets with modge podge twice only because I wanted to be sure that nothing gets wrong or they stay nice for a really long time. The final touch was gluing the magnets on on the other side. Here is the result:



 *** Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***


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