“Granny Square” Style Cowl

Every time someone’s birthday is around I start thinking of a nice present which would be not only beautiful but also useful. Therefore, when my good friend’s birthday was close, I was looking for a special present. Of course, as I love to make things by myself, it also had to be something handmade. On that note, I was looking for inspiration when I found the post “Colourful Cowl with Pattern”. Thank you, Betsy, for a great idea! It was really helpful, even though I didn’t make it exactly by your description.

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I made it a few lines narrower and used single crochet for the edges. I used acrylic (80%) and wool (20%) yarn. I don’t think she will  get cold this year though as when you put it a few times around your neck it gets really warm and comfy. I’m even thinking of making one for myself if I’ve enough time for it. I’m not sure about other countries but In Lithuania we have a saying “A shoemaker without shoes, a tailor without pants”. So here I am, without anything for myself or my family. 😀

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