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Soft Fish Toy

Yesterday, I have found a wonderful idea on Pinterest but sadly could not save it as it was blocked. So I was sitting and being afraid of leaving it out there because I can forget it and, unfortunately, I could not even save a picture on my iPad. Therefore, I decided to sew one straight away. Oh my, it took me a few hours to be done with such a small project (I am not good at sewing, you know)! When I was done and bragged to my husband about it (he thought it was very cute), went on searching for new ideas. And what do you think? I found not broken link to the original tutorial. Lucky me, huh. I will share my tiny tutorial with you and the link to the better one which inspired me to make a lovely soft fish toy for a baby. Here you can find a tutorial: The Latest from Lauri. Thank you!

As I did not have a pattern so I drew one myself. You can do it too, then our fishes will be different and original. I bet that everyone can draw a fish, if not – follow the link above. 

For this project you will need:

  • fabric (I used linen and some fabric samples I got on sale, sadly it does not say what fabric it is)
  • sewing machine
  • thread (any color, you choose it)
  • scissors
  • pencil (I do not have a special fabric pen, if you do, definitely use that one)
  • stuffing for toys
  • pins
  • 2 buttons for the eyes

When you gather everything start with drawing your fish. Then cut out the details and trace them on to the fabric. Remember to leave some space around (1/2 cm) for sewing it. I left a bit more because I was afraid that I will not manage to sew it. Cut everything out. Now, start sewing.

I began from scales. I cut them out and had 24 pieces in total. In the link, she makes scales only on one side of the fish, I chose to make on both. 

Then, you should sew them together and end up with 12 scales. Mine are very skew, I managed to sew right on my line just on the last scale. I need to practice more if I want to sew.

Then, you can follow the directions for sewing all the parts together on the link I gave in the very beginning. Here how it should look before sewing the fish together.

When sewing it together remember the fins! I stuffed them a bit. 

Join everything with the help of pins and sew. I left the open space at the end of the tale and I was sorry because it was quite difficult to turn it out (all the fins and scales). Then, stuff it and finish up. I did it with a sewing machine right on top after folding the ends inside. Do not forget to sew the eyes on. I wanted them to be blue but did not have two identical blue buttons, hence they became pink-red.Here is my not perfect but cute result:

*** Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

It is also possible to make a fish that can make sound, just put in kinder-surprise egg with beans inside and you have a rattle fish. You can also use some special fabric that makes noise while folding and put it in  scales, or any other interesting stuff for making babies curious about your toy. 

If you make one, remember to share it in the comments.