Christmas Projects + Patterns


I finally managed to sit down and write this post. Here you will find all the Christmas projects I made and links to the patterns. Some of them don’t have them but there will be new posts coming. You will find the patterns when you press on the picture (the new page will open). 


I didn’t follow the pattern til the end for the next snowflake as I couldn’t understand it, therefore it looks differently.

This angel doesn’t have a pattern but I guess you can easily imagine how I made it. I used some felt fabric, drew angel details separately (you can create your own angel), then sewed them together (don’t forget to stuff it a bit), and embroidered the face. I also braided a halo and sewed it to the head.

These stars and a heart are made of a clay (I bought, it was for making Christmas decorations). You just have to get some air drying clay, cookie cutters, acrylic paint and modge podge. First, I made shapes, then let them dry (it took me about 2 days). After that I covered them in white, red or green (depends on your shape and wishes). After it dried I drew some patterns on stars. You can also see that one of them is being made using “a stamp”. I used an old doily. I just put it on a clay and push it a bit in with a rolling pin (don’t squeeze too much as it won’t look very beautiful) and after it dried I covered it with paint. When they were colored I used modge podge so they become resistant to water.

This star and a tree were made the same way as the angel above.

There will be a new post coming with a tutorial on how to make a pine cone  tree.

These humongous snowflakes were made using ice cream sticks. I was inspired by this picture tutorial found on Pinterest. 

*** Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

That’s how many Christmas decorations I have managed to make last year. I hope that you will be able to use some of the ideas for the coming Christmas. Or maybe you are already preparing for them? I do. Don’t laugh – it’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas.


Wooden Magnets

It took me some time to figure out what should I give as thank you gifts to my guests. I wanted it to be a long time memory, which they could save and not only eat or use only once. One day, I accidentally found the wonderful Facebook page: Handmade Wooden Joy. They make great wooden magnets with your pictures. You can even get a box of matches with a funny picture. I really love them. The sad thing was that we are already over our wedding budget, hence I couldn’t order the magnets with our picture. On the other hand, it gave me an opportunity to be more creative and try to do it by myself.

I started searching Pinterest on how to make a wooden magnet or basically, how to transfer a photo on wood. Of course, I was lucky. I found this great site with a tutorial on how to do what I wanted. Thank you, Jamie from The Creative Imperative! You did a great job and you helped me a lot. 

I asked my dad to cut small squares for my future magnets. Then I worked a bit with a sand paper to make the edges smooth. I chose the pictures of us and made them B&W. Then, I re-sized them and cut out. Afterwards, I followed Jamie’s instructions, except painting. I also covered my magnets with modge podge twice only because I wanted to be sure that nothing gets wrong or they stay nice for a really long time. The final touch was gluing the magnets on on the other side. Here is the result:



 *** Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

Wooden Candlesticks


Time is running out so fast. Now we have only one month left until our wedding. We try to get all the things done before August because we want to have a few days to relax. 

Today we’ve been working on wooden candlesticks. When I was searching for ideas on Pinterest, I found a picture of lovely candlesticks and thought that it’s not that difficult to make them. I just needed to borrow some smart machines from my dad and start working. My brother did a great job because after me and my Jacob tried to drill the holes into wood logs we found out that he was the strongest. 

New folder (4)4

After we made the candlesticks, it was time to make little hearts with writings on. I drew a heart on a thin wooden board and then my brother cut it out. I wanted to make them by myself but even my straight line was skew. Therefore, I didn’t want to risk ruining them, so I let my brother do the job. 

New folder (4)1

After the hearts were cut out I drilled two holes in each, in order to tie them to the candlesticks afterwards. I also used sand paper to polish the sides. 

New folder (4)2

When all the hearts were done I wrote down words which tells us what family means for us and copied them on the hearts using carbon paper. Afterwards, I burned the writings with a burner. Finally, I got jute and tied all the hearts to the candlesticks. Here is the result:


New folder (4)3

*** Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***