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The Owl Family with Braids


Do you remember when I made my first ever owl? The one with the different wings? After my sister-in-law to be saw it, she asked me to make one for her little daughter as well.  She wanted it to be pink and light red.  After agreeing to do it, I thought that I could crochet the whole family. So here I am, done with all three: a daddy, mommy and a little girl. After I was done sowing them together, I thought: wait a minute, I can make braids! Isn’t it a great idea? It also meant that I wouldn’t totally copy Sarah’s owl family. I do understand that I am not as good as she is. I can still see my mistakes, but I promise, I will get better!!!


As we went for a walk with our little beagle, I had a chance to take loads of pictures. Well, to be honest, I got a bit wild.

owls1 owls2 owls3


I am also working on my heart baby blanket, which should be done any moment. I am just trying to figure out how to knit the edges so they look nice and don’t curl. At the same time I have to finish writing down a pattern for it, so I can share it with you guys. 

I know, that I promised to share my improved stripy giraffe pattern some time ago. I swear, I am working on it… or getting closer to working on it. I have probably at least 6 projects to be done. I would love to learn to do one thing at a time, but it is so difficult. How do you keep up with all those projects? Do you have a secret or special recipe to be fast in knitting or crocheting? 

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My first entry: a stripy giraffe


Yesterday I found a wonderful pattern of a crochet giraffe. Even though I found a few mistakes in it, I managed to make one, which is going to be a wonderful present to a little girl called Maya for her 1st birthday! I hope she will love it as much as I loved making it. Later I will post a pattern of it (I won’t post the original one but the one with my corrections). I also decided to change the look of the giraffe. I ended up with a cute little tail as it refused to sit without support and some hair on her or maybe his long neck.

What do you think? You love it, yes?


Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern, Emma! You can find it here: I Love Buttons by Emma.