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Birthday Crown

Good morning! or Good day!

Today we celebrate our dogs 1st birthday. I have a feeling that she knows about it! She keeps running to us and begs hard for attention. She did that before but never as much 😀 This morning she got her special breakfast: wet food, some treats and of course usual food mixed in (she left it out, though – too smart!). She also got a candle, sadly we didn’t teach her how to make a wish and blow it.  The greatest present was a new collar. Kira manages to ruin all the collars we buy her, hence we hope that this one will last.

Opdateret for nylig1

As you can see and guess I made her a birthday crown so she can feel special today. The pattern can be found here. Look for a blue crown (in a picture it is smaller than in the actual pattern). I made it a bit taller. 

Opdateret for nylig2