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Wooden Place Cards


Today I finally found some time to take pictures of our wooden place cards, which we made a few weeks ago. If you are going to have a country wedding, you can definitely use this idea. You will need:

– a beautiful wood logs cut into thin coasters (birch tree would be very nice, I just love the bark of that tree)

Stalo kortelės

– a tool for wood burning

– carbon paper (I would strongly recommend using the black instead of the blue, as the latter overflows while burning)

– a pencil

– a printed guest list (remember to choose a matching font)

Stalo kortelės1

Step 1:

Cut out all the names.

Step 2:

Cut a small piece of carbon paper.

Step 3:

Put a carbon paper on a coaster. Be sure that you use the right side (I did that mistake a few times).

Step 4:

Put a cut out name on top.

Step 5:

Take a pencil and rewrite the name following your print out version. (See the picture)

Step 6:

Take the papers off and burn the names on the wood, following the trace.

Step 7:

Enjoy your good work! 🙂

Stalo kortelės2

It can be really tiresome, if you are going to have a 100 or more guests. I’m having only a bit over 30, and it still was a big job to do. Nevertheless, it is really worth your time.

Stalo kortelės3

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Covered Soap Bubbles


Today’s post is about Soap Bubbles. I’ve been preparing them for our first dance so people can blow bubbles while we dance and I thought that it would be nice to make the bottles more personal. Therefore, with the help of modge podge I covered them with our names and a date.


To make them I followed this easy tutorial on The Creative Imperative. Thank you very much for a clear instructions!

For making the covers you will need:

– Print out Covers

– Modge Podge 

– Foam brush

– Dry rag

– Soap bubbles (remove covers)


Differently from the instructions given on The Creative Imperatives, I put a double layer of modge podge in the end. I hope you will use this idea for your party. Don’t forget to share your creations.

Linen Bags


Here is the first post which is not about crocheting or knitting.

Today we’ve been working on linen bags. First, my brother wanted to learn how to sew. He was really good.



Then my dearest was helping me with sewing as I was afraid of sewing machines and of accidentally sewing my fingers. I know, it’s very silly, but I couldn’t help it.



Nevertheless, when my Jacob had to make a pause from sewing, I decided to give it a try. You can guess that my fingers are just fine as I’m writing this post. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Actually, I had lots of fun even though my lines are a bit skew. 



If you want to make linen bags too, here is a small tutorial. 

You will need:

– linen (as mush as you need for your bags, my bags are 27×32,5cm)

– lace ribbon

– sewing machine

– chalk or any other thing you can use for writing on fabric

– thread

– measuring tape

– scissors

First, you have to measure and cut fabric. Fold your fabric in the size of your future bag. Use chalk to mark the cutting line. Cut it. Afterwards, divide the fabric in as many parts as you need (I divided into 4) and cut them. Now you have a work-piece for your bag. 



When you are done measuring and cutting, it’s time to sew your bags.

Firstly, you should start from the opening edges. Fold them twice so they look nice. When you are done with both sides, fold the fabric and sew the sides – and you have a bag.





Later on, you have to prepare your lace ribbon. Take a lace ribbon or any ribbon you want and cut it into short pieces. Be sure to check if you can tie the bag and make a bow. My ribbons length is ~70cm.



When you are done with everything, just put in your favors or any presents you have and tie the bow. You can use them for birthdays, weddings etc. You can also add a tag with a name or write “thank you” (that’s what I’m planning to do). Enjoy making them!



*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***